Climbing in Eichsfeld and Göttingen Forest

Climbing has experienced an enormous boom in recent years! Many climbing gyms have contributed to this. There they climb on walls with artificial grip elements, the trend here is towards artistic gymnastics with a lot of athleticism and dynamics!
Many who have come to the popular sport in this way also want to practice their passion outdoors in nature.

In the Göttinger Forest, people have been climbing on the red sandstone rock faces for several decades, and since the 1980s, sport climbing on the rocks around the university town has led to many very worthwhile routes of almost all levels of difficulty.
The best-known areas are in the triangle between Reiffenhausen, Bremke and Reinhausen.

Climbing without a rope at jump height (and with a so-called crash pad as protection in the event of a fall) is called BOULDERING! This discipline, which has been very popular in recent years, has a hotspot in the immediate vicinity of our campsite: the Wiesental!

From the campsite you can walk to the first rocks in a few minutes. An ideal prerequisite, because intensive bouldering also requires breaks... and for a coffee break you are quickly back at the campsite.
The boulders already climbed are marked with an arrow - point and arrow indicate a sit start!

If you want to visit new bouldering areas or maybe even break new ground, you don't have to drive far! Unfortunately, there is currently no climbing guide in book form, but the database at www.wandernimnorden.d... provides some information. A topo sheet with over 100 boulders can be obtained from the Wiesental at the campsite!


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